Chamber-Tech 2000 Smoke Chamber Parging Mix


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Chamber-tech 2000 can be parged on any masonry smoke chamber to insulate and reduce heat conduction to combustible materials. Just 1 1/2" thickness of Chamber-Tech 2000 applied to all four walls can make the smoke chamber UL Listed at zero clearance to combustibles. Chamber-Tech 2000 allows you to create a smooth smoke chamber as required in NFPA 211.It also adds structural strength and shapes to the chamber for the efficient flow of smoke and gases. This means less creosote buildup and a smoke chamber that's easier to clean.

Chamber-Tech 2000 is buff and is available in a 30 lb. container, enough material to cover four sq.ft. at 1 1/2" thickness. A lintel angle kit (sold separately) gives ChamberTech cupport at the lintel, and mesh expansion joint tape (sold separately) enables an expansion joint at the bottom of the chimney liner. These two parts required to achieve a UL Listing.