Rigid Aluminum Dryer Vent System


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  • Rigid metal pipe is approved for all dryer installations

Here's a line of 4" rigid aluminum dryer vent pipe to replace vinyl ducts. Use 4"x24" rigid dryer vent pipe (A) when rigid pipe is more suitable than flexible pipe or when penetrating walls. The eve vent hood (B) and through-the-wall vent hood (C) provide great termination options. Use the clearance elbow (D) whenever possible. It will make a 90 degree turn in only 4 1/2"! Use the wall offset elbow (E) or the dryer vent offset elbow (F) to work with difficult outlets. Do not use more than one offset elbow per installation. Use the extension collar (G) when the wall pipe does not extend far enough. We also carry a 4" clamp (H) to use when connecting dryer vents. Use this aluminum dryer vent system to replace vinyl which is not approved for dryer venting.