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  • A complete vent cleaning system in a professional case
  • Just add your own drill driver vacuum

Pro-spin Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit, When you visit a home, offer to clean the dryer vents. Without cleaning, dryer vents are dangerous fire traps. With the pro-spin dryer vent cleaning kit, all you need is a variable-speed cordless drill with a torque adjustment (clutch). Note: the Pro-Spin system is not recommended for use with high-speed electric drill. Spinning the tool with a drill makes cleaning fast and effective, even through the tightest turns. Push button connectors on rods and accessories make attaching quick. Pr-Spin can be used for w=both dryer vents and furnace vents.

This Kit Includes: One 6' And 6 4' Super Flex Rods, One Each Of 4", 6", And 8" Vent Brushes, An 11.5" Lint Trap Brush, Noise Maker,clog Buster, Drill Adaptor, A Molded Plastic Case And Instructional Manual.

Pro-spin Starter Kit, Features One 4" Vent Brush, One 6' And Four 4' Super Flex Rods, A Drill Adaptor, A Molded Plastic Case, And Instructional Manual. It's a great starter kit that is easily to expand.

Pro-Spin Vent Brushes. 4" brush is designed to loosen and remove lint buildup without creating a clog. 6" brush is designed for removing heavier debris. 8" brush is designed for cleaning air conditioning and furnace ducts.