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When mixed with water A.W Perkins Castable Fire Brick sets to a light brown color, hard as a brick. Use it for replacing worn-out firebrick in the bottom of woodstoves, cast it into irregular shapes, or use it as a solid stone bed. This product has unbelievable strength. it can withstand temperatures up to 2200 degrees F. Sold in cases of two, each one gallon container (12.5 lbs) covers one square foot at 1.5" depth when mixed with one quart of water. Easy directions are on the container.

Premixed A.W Perkins Refractory Cement is buff-colored and used for setting and bonding firebrick in fireplaces, furnaces, stoves, and incinerators. Come in two sizes.

A.W Perkins Furnace Cement is a premixed silicate cement that withstands temperatures over 2000 degrees F without failure. It adheres to firebrick, as well as metal, and seals all types of stovepipe joints. Its black, non-gritty formula feathers very thin to make metal-to-metal joints smoke and gas tight. Use during installation and service of furnaces, stokers, oil burners, and small woodstove repairs. Apply 1/16"-1/4" thick.