HomeSaver Copper 1' or 2' Flue Stretcher


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Gelco Stainless Steel 1' & 2' Flue Stretcher

  • 3/4" mesh
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easily tightens with screws to the flue tile on all four sides of the base
  • Holds tight under several hundred pounds of force
  • Raises smoke and gases above adjacent downstairs flue
  • Extends flue to increase graft

By increasing the effective height of the flue, the Flue Stretcher solves two problems:

  • 1) Negative House Pressures. Adding the Flue Stretcher to the upstairs flue distances its smoke from the downward pull of the downstairs flue.
  • 2) Increase Draft by increasing height and putting the flue opening above roofs and other nearby structures