Rovak Black And White Video Inspection Kit


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  • 5.5" B&W monitor
  • 15-hour battery
  • Easily adapted to chimney and dryer vents

This system provided an affordable was to see into chimneys, dryer vents, and air ducts. The camera is a splash proof, fixed focus camera surrounded by infrared LEDs. It is encased in a machined aluminum housing. A 60' cable connects the camera to the monitor and both are powered by a 12V, 4-amp battery- AC adaptor is not needed.

For chimney or vertical duct inspection, you secure the camera in the 3" white ball with adjustable centering arms, with the camera facing sideways. Three sizes of centering arms are included. ButtonLok rods lock into the ball's ButtonLok connectors so the camera can be lowered or raised into the chimney and rotated to see every direction. A 12" rod is included for smoke chamber inspection. Other rods must be purchases separately.

For dryer vent inspections, the camera is secured in the white ball with no centering device, and the included 10" spring leader is attached to the back of the camera. The camera points straight ahead. Then ButtonFlex rods (3/4" or 7/8") are clicked into the leader spring to push the camera through dryer vents. The RoVac camera system is compatible with most camcorders.