RoVac 1-Motor Chimney And Dryer Vent Vacuum


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The RoVac One-motor Vacuum is a strong, lightweight brother to RoVac's three-motor vac. It filters particles as small as .3 microns at 150 cfms using a single motor, and it deposits the dirt into its nine-gallon canister. HEPA filtration and a washable micro bag filter stop soot from re-entering the room.

Weighing only 20 lbs., it rolls easily on five casters. A 1 1/2" hose is included, along with all the tools of the big vac. The hose connector is the same as the large RoVac. The cord length is 36.' Metal hose and hose cage included. Use for dry dust and lint only.

The HEPA filter, the micro bag filter, and motor switches are available as replacements. Five-year warranty on the tank and two-year on the motor.