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  • Patented ButtonLok is fast & secure- no screwing
  • Tools for every chimney & vent cleaning task
  • Tile breaking tools
  • Professionals system of choice

All rods and components click together with no screwing whatsoever. Then they stay locked together until you detach them, because they cannot become unscrewed. Detaching is done easily, with a push of the thumb- even gloved hands can depress these large, spring-loaded buttons. You'll absolutely love the speed and security of ButtonLok.

The RoVac rods come in standard with ButtonLok connectors. But you can also get ButtonLok connector that screw onto the ends of your fiberglass or universal ploy rods- just drill and pin with one pop rivet and you're good to go. (Don't spin fiberglass rods with a drill- they are not strong enough.) Also available are a drill adaptor, a brush adaptor, and an adaptor to attach your rods to a Round Button rotary cleaning tool.