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  • A complete dryer vent cleaning system
  • All components are sold separately

This system from RoVac is a great way to either get started or upgrade your dryer vent cleaning. The 5/16"3' rods are durable, flexible, and feature the great ButtonLok connectors that will never unscrew with use. The system included rods, a fixed 4" brush, a 4" brush attached to a spring for easily negotiating tight turns, a noise maker, a NestClaw blockage remover, an adaptor for your drill, an adaptor for Pro-Spin equipment, and a very tough rod caddy.

The commercial flex rods are a bit stiffer than the 5/16" rods and are often used with larger brushes. The guide ball helps thread rods from the dryer to the outside vent. Attach a brush and clean as you pull the brush back towards the dryer. The Y Adaptor attaches to any vacuum with a 3" or 4" exhaust port.