American Panel Stove Boards


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  • Beautiful stones & tiles, artfully laid
  • Steel frame for strength & to protect edges
  • Risers available for new styles

These beautiful boards are manufactured on the United States using a special "thin set" bonding technique to give them the flexibility needed to withstand the weight of the heavy stoves without cracking or splitting. The steel frame at the edges gives added strength and prevents chipping and separation. Note: The Natural Oak Board does not have a steel frame. The double cut styles are used in an open installation or against a wall. The single cut styles are used in a corner. All boards are approx. 1 1/4" thick. Boards can not be cut. These boards have a 1.18 R Value. The Natural Board has no steel frame and is for gas appliances only. The octagonal Tartara board is for smaller woodstoves or gas appliance.