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Provide 100% shut off of the pilot and main burner gas supply. It is equipped with a three-position gas control knob to light the pilot and adjust the pilot flame. If the pilot flame goes out, or if there is insufficient pilot flame to provide proper thermocouple output, the gas safety pilot control will close, stopping the flow of gas completely.

The NG safety pilot control for gas logs includes: concentric safety gas valve, concentric heat shield with fiberglass mat, thermocouple and pilot burner assembly, stainless steel extension connector, brass union, and 3/8"FIPx3/8"FL,3/8"x1 /12" black nipple.

The LP safety pilot kit for standard gas logs includes a safety pilot control, an air mixer valve, vermiculite, dual effect embers, heat shield, extension handle, miscellaneous hardware, and complete instructions for conversion. Conversion to LP will void the RGA 2-72 approval on the gas logs.

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