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TracPipe is a flexible stainless steel pipe coated with a polyethylene plastic jacket. It's used for natural gas and propane installations. TracPipe's "auto-flare" fittings provide faster installation without special tools and give a good metal-to-metal seal.

Use of this product is restricted to TracPipe certified installers; so, first order the $1.00 TracPipe Training and Testing Kit. The kit includes a piece of TracPipe, a sample fitting, a study guide and a test. Just review the study guide, take the test, and fax or mail it to the manufacturer. Once you get your certificate you're ready to order from us.

Contact your local code officials to verify that no other certifications are required.

TracPipe is available is 1/2" diameter 50',100' and 250' coils. 1/2" straight, auto-flare fittings and 1/2" iron-flange fittings. Quarter and half striker plates round out the line.