We do all types of repairs on Historical Fireplace & Chimneys.

  • Replace deteriorated mortar in chimney and fireplace as authentic as possible   (Photo before and after)
  • Structurally strengthen aged fireplace and chimney structure from inside out (Photo before and after)
  • Repair and/or construct masonry fireboxes as authentic as possible (Photo before and after)

Characteristics of Historical Home Fireplaces/Chimneys

  • It's truly amazing how well these old structures stood up to the harsh elements of nature over such a long time period.

  • These magnificent structures represent a past heritage that we can enjoy and hopefully our grandchildren for many more generations to come will be able to also enjoy and reflect on this historical heritage.

  • These structures can last and remain useable for many more years with proper repair and maintenance.

  • This can be accomplished without altering the historical appearance of these time tested beauties. ("Jewels in the Rough")

  • Most historical homes' fireplace and/or chimney are badly deteriorated due to age and use.

    • The mortar becomes powdery and completely falls out.

    • Weak mortar can cause a chimney to structurally collapse.

    • Quite often the bricks also become powdery even falling completely out leaving large holes in the chimney.
    • Weak or missing bricks can also cause a chimney to collapse.

    • When a chimney structure reaches this stage of aging it becomes very unstable.

    • These "Jewels in the Rough" can regain life with proper repair and it's original beauty can again be enjoyed for many years into the future.

  • We structurally strengthen these fireplace/chimney structures from the inside out.   View this picture information

  • After structurally strengthening from the inside out then aged mortar is replaced with new - replicating the original mortar and style.