Why Choose Golden Flue Liner?



The GOLDEN FLUE liner is a specially formulated masonry product developed from field and laboratory research. The mix is manufactured and maintained at a precise ratio, matching tested formulas.

GOLDEN FLUE is made from a naturally insulated material which eliminates heat transfer. Heat transfer is the number one cause of structural fire. GOLDEN FLUE eliminates most third degree creosote and withstands temperatures in excess of 2100' F. A bonder is used for allowing the mixture to adhere on surfaces covered with creosote. Refined perlite is added for a better insulation value. A plastercizer is added to improve the mixing and flowability of GOLDEN FLUE . This flowability is important for sealing voids, cracks and for structurally-strengthening the chimney. Other poured liners on the market don't have this valuable characteristic. Air intrainment, another ingredient, creates tiny air bubbles which allow the mix to expand and contract within itself, without cracking.

GOLDEN FLUE manufactures several mixes, from historical and residential to a high-temperature commercial grade.

GOLDEN FLUE was the first pumped chimney liner to be tested and approved by the proposed U.L. standard 1777. It has also passed strength, acid absorbency, freeze/thaw and high temperature tests exceeding 2100' F. Currently GOLDEN FLUE is the only pumped chimney liner tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories for U.L. Listing. This assures the customer that each bag of GOLDEN FLUE matches the tested product. GOLDEN FLUE is zero clearance to combustibles with only one inch of lining mix.

The existing liner is removed if one is involved. By doing so, it enables us to install the proper flue size and allows the GOLDEN FLUE liner to adhere to the chimney casing.

A chimney former is temporarily installed in the casing and inflated to the proper flue size. A technique devised by GOLDEN FLUE spaces the chimney former away from the interior casing to assure prop-er lining thickness and to provide you with a better quality flue.

The bottom is temporarily sealed to confine the GOLDEN FLUE mix which is pumped into the chimney in a semi-liquid state. In addition, pumping the mix eliminates excessive walking across the roof. After a proper curing time the chimney former is deflated and removed.

The results are a one-piece highly-insulated GOLDEN FLUE liner with no seams to weaken at a later date. Due to the flowing of the mix all loose bricks, voids and cracks are permanently sealed. The structural strength of the chimney has been in-creased far beyond a masonry chimney. In older chimneys, the deterioration of the flue is stopped from the inside.

The GOLDEN FLUE liner is so highly insulated that it will dramatically reduce water and smoke condensation which develops with the use of oil, gas and wood stoves. GOLDEN FLUE is ideal for use with modern high-efficiency oil and gas furnaces and boilers.

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GOLDEN FLUE Sets the Standard in Chimney Lining and Repair Nationwide

Should you be concerned with the method in which a Cast-Liner is installed? Click on the images for larger view (each image opens in a new window).

Clay tile liners must be removed for proper flue sizing. This also allows for the cast-liner to adhere to the chimney walls.

Formers are lowered into the chimney with spacers attached. The formers are then inflated with air to the proper flue sizes. Required lining thickness is maintained by the attached spacers.

GOLDEN FLUE, in a semi-liquid consistency, is pumped to the top of the chimney. A specially designed pump produces a continuous flow of GOLDEN FLUE mix. This ensures a solid pour while eliminating voids or air pockets in the new liner.

The chimney formers are deflated and removed. Incredibly, a new chimney has been built inside the existing chimney. This stops deterioration from the inside and also adds structural integrity to the chimney.

Looking into the flue, it now resembles a well. It has become a one-piece solid masonry liner with no Seams or joints to weaken at a later date.

One inch of GOLDEN FLUE is heated to 2106.5 degrees without heat penetration. This alone will eliminate a structural fire.